Day 6 of 7 • WE Greater Than ME – Joy Producing Generosity

You're Loved More than Birds

Read Matthew 6:25-34

Unquestionably, one of the biggest sources of anxiety for many people today is money. It is one of the leading reasons that married couples who once were so in love with each other, separate or divorce. Money causes a great number of sleepless nights and subsequent doctor visits that end with prescription medication to try and tame angst associated with it. 

Is this the kind of abundant life that Christ has for us? Of course not! I love how Jesus addresses our fears and worries in Matthew 6. In the original #micdrop moment, Jesus says in verse 27 that all our worrying adds nothing to our life. He then draws the attention of His listeners to some birds and points out that it is God who cares for these creatures even though they do nothing to help Him in the process.

His point? We are so much more valuable to our heavenly Father than some sparrows. If He cares for some filthy birds, will He not also care of us, those He made in His image? I think there is a reason that Jesus spoke about money more than any other topic during His time on this earth. He knew that money would be the shiniest fishing lure that the evil one would use to try and tempt us away from living in God’s care and provision.

The evil one wants to steal our joy by getting us to fret and worry about money. He loves to stop us from leveraging our lives to spread the name of Jesus through our giving at a local church by causing us to become anxious over money. So, the next time anxiousness overcomes in regards to finances, stop, pray and let’s remind ourselves that we are far more valuable than birds. Let anxiety be an alarm that there is a lack of trust in the Good Shepherd and it is time to fill our heart with the truth of Scripture. 

Question for reflection – What does your anxiety reveal about your level of trust in God and how does it impact you in living to be a blessing to those around you?

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