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We are privileged as a church to have the opportunity to partner with local churches & pastors in the nation of Haiti, and join in on the work that God is doing there. It is our desire for ALL of our Journey family to have the opportunity to participate in these life changing trips! If you are a faithful member of the Journey, and if you desire to be the hands and feet of Christ and share the Good News of Jesus with those who are so desperate for the hope that He brings, we encourage you to PRAY about joining us on a Haiti adventure!

Haiti Trips provide an incredible opportunity to serve others as a family, group of friends, Small Group or Life Group. If a Journey Member is planning to go on a trip and would like to invite a family member or friend to participate with them who are Christ-followers, and faithful members of a local church, we will do our best to make that happen. Check out our upcoming trip dates and email Nancy Shaffer if you have any questions!

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Haiti • Upcoming Trips

November 2018 • Full
Children’s Bible School
Village Evangelism
Church Construction
Pastor's and Leader Conference

March 2019 • Request An Application
Children’s Bible School
Village Evangelism
Church Construction
Pastor’s Wives Gathering

July 2019 • Journey Students Trip • Request An Application
Journey Students/Families (First Priority)
Village Evangelism
Children’s Bible School
Shoe Distribution

November 2019 • Request An Application
Children’s Bible School
Village Evangelism
Church Construction
Pastor's and Leader Conference



Current Team • July 2019

Week One

Nancy Shaffer
Andrew Shaffer
Papa Rick Ricciardelli
Kyle Bass
Farrah Bass
Kerri Ernest

Kelly Ernest
Jamie Torgler
Marcy Torgler
Melia Torgler
Sofia Torgler
Caitlyn Dunnewold

Lori Walker
Cameron Hurta
Marilyn Smoak
Bailey Newcomb

Week Two

Nancy Shaffer
Andrew Shaffer
Papa Rick Ricciardelli
Maggie Ricciardelli
Courtney Shaffer
Ashley Taylor

Jake Taylor
Paul Shaffer
Allie Wilson
Christian Hanna
Caleb Ochiuzzo
Maddie Kirby

Justin Diaz
Tiffany Smith
Eva Smith
Ethan Hosea
Sarah Hosea

Week Three

Nancy Shaffer
Andrew Shaffer
Papa Rick Ricciardelli
Maggie Ricciardelli
Courtney Shaffer
Ashley Taylor
Jake Taylor

Annie Helms
Becca Helms
Ben Helms
Josiah Hilton
Skylor McGough
Anastasia Ehling
Christina Marrero

Larry Greenwood
Zackary Greenwood
Jessica Blaile
Emma Alacan
Casey Funk
Milena Atkinson

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We will prepare, pack, practice and pray with only one glorify God as we minister in Haiti. It will be easy to get caught up in distractions but don't forget to look for God in all you do. My prayer for all of you is that this would be a "radical" God-experience. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be going with you and in sharing the experiences that this team will have on this trip. -Joe

Thank you for dedication to this team. I know that God has an amazing trip planned out for us, and we will have an army of believers covering us in prayer as we minister! So knowing that, we are bound to have an incredible trip! Keep your eyes on Jesus, and remember, He knows all that we will face while we prepare for this trip, and He is in COMPLETE control! ...all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139:16b) How beautiful to know that each of our days have been ORDAINED specifically for us, by an all-powerful, all-knowing God! I love it! Let’s walk in His grace, speak continually of His great love, and trust in Him! -Nancy

Tommy Coleman

Here we are on Sunday at the end of our trip for the church dedication. This what it is all about, building a new church for the community and sharing the love of Christ with the pastor and his congregation. We were honored to have the church elders pray over us and then pray over them for a fruitful future of spreading the Word in Haiti.


Tom Wycuff

I am not sure I have ever done anything in my ministry career that was of more eternal value than spending time with our network pastors in Haiti. Helping these amazing men of God think through leadership structures and systems for their church that will enable them to reach more people for the Gospel was beyond fun! What a blessing it is to invest in the work of the global church for the glory of our God!


Paul Shaffer

These kids had such an awesome time playing together. It was probably a very unique day in the life of a Haitian child... one they won't soon forget. Just looking at this picture makes me ready to return.


Courtney Shaffer

The eagerness of the precious children in Haiti to love on us is an earthly reminder to me of Christ’s heart for children. We are called to love unconditionally, much like a child does, because He first loved us. This photo reminds me that I, too, should be just as eager to show Christ-like love to others


Joe LaBash

Romans 10:14 says that people must hear the Good News. I am always blessed when God allows me to teach His Word and then to see the children respond to it


Brian Albano

Seeing the local community come together to help carry every piece of raw cut, dimensional 2x4 lumber to the cutting table was amazing. We had limited communication, but with smiles and gestures God was able to communicate His plan very clearly. They didn't have shoes, they were thirsty and I'm sure hungry but they were proud and thankful of what we were building together.


Tom Wycuff

This picture sits on my desk as a reminder of how amazing my God is. This young man is 15 years old, and he is the son of Pastor Valentin. He plays percussion every week for his church and is REALLY GOOD! I saw in him a sweet Spirit that I believe the Lord will use to make a huge difference in the nation of Haiti! I was there to minister to him and his church, but left feeling overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction because of how much God used this teen to bless and minister to me!



MadameDolce - Bamboo LaPorte, Haiti
Pray that God will provide finances to purchase land for a church building. Pastor also needs a moped for transportation to church.


Pastor Canis – Lubin, Haiti
I love my beloved, my church people. Pray for me because my family is in St. Marc, and we live in Lubin. Pray that the Lord will keep my family in His holiness.


Pastor Chenier – Jeanton, Haiti
Pray that many people in Jeanton area will come to Christ. I love Jesus so much. I want many to come to know Him. People rebel and don’t want to hear the message. It goes in one ear and right out the other… but God can do it with me.


Pastor Edouard – Pont Tambour, Haiti
The church is growing seriously. We begin to work on increasing the size of the building toward the street. Personally, I would like to pray for my family. I have to find a new house.  (Answered)


Pastor Franck – Dorbeille, Haiti
Praying for more benches for their church.


Pastor Gilner – Blockhaus, Haiti
Please pray that the Lord will send more workers in the work. The area has a lot of people, but they rebel and do not want to obey the work. Pray that they will accept Christ first. Pray that my four children will stay under the ring of the Lord, and that God will provide the finances for their education.


Pastor Luckenson – Gonaives, Haiti
This church just received a new building, so pray for them as they begin ministry in their new area.
Pray for the church floor to be completed quickly, before the rainy season. (Answered)


Pastor Montina – Frecyneau, Haiti
Please pray for the church to have the money to buy land for a building.


Pastor Nader – Church of Hope
Church member (lady, MILIENNE) who needs an operation on her back - she could die without it.


Pastor Renaud – Port Neau, Haiti
Please pray for me. I feel like my life is a race - rushing back and forth between family & ministry. (He and his wife have a new baby.)


Pastor Salomon Joseph - Drouin, Haiti
His church is in an area of strong witchcraft practice and false doctrine. Pray that the faith of our Christians will deepen and that they will grow in Christ. Pray for my wife, for encouragement.


Pastor Thony - Confraternity Church

Pray for the spiritual life of the church to be transformed. As in Matt 6:23 - Seeking the kingdom first, all other things will be added.


Pastor Valentin – Hatte Chevreaux, Haiti
This church just received a new building, so pray for them as they begin ministry in their new area.