Day 3 of 7 • WE Greater Than ME – Joy Producing Generosity

The Power of Selfless Living

Read Matthew 6:19-24

The freedom resulting from self-forgetfulness is the key to joy and hope in our lives. If joy and hope do not currently characterize your life, could it be that you are thinking of yourself too highly or too often? We have already established that what you treasure reveals who you love. Unfortunately for many of us, our treasure reveals that we love ourselves and are more interested in building our kingdom instead of pouring our lives into building the kingdom of God.

The tension Jesus is highlighting for us in Matthew 6 is deeper than just a love for physical money. What Jesus is explaining in Matthew 6:24 is that you cannot supremely love both yourself and God. There can only be one Lord in your life. You can live for yourself or your can live for God, but you cannot do both.

Nothing is more crippling and destructive in our lives than selfish thinking. Nothing. No one has lied to you, more than you. So how do we remedy our selfish thinking? How do we move past ourselves? We follow the example of Jesus Christ and we lay down our lives for others. Giving to others through the local church moves you to think of yourself less AND become a blessing to others. It is true that God wants to bless your life, however His blessing comes through a counterintuitive approach of living selflessly for the gain of others.

As Christ followers, we should be leading the way in extravagant generosity. Why? At NO cost to us, we are recipients of the grace and mercy of our God that has been FREELY given to us by the blood of Jesus Christ. If He is Lord of our life, then let us follow in His way and joyfully lay down our lives, our plans, our dreams, and leverage everything we are so that others may come to receive the gift of grace that has radically changed and transformed our lives.

Questions for reflection – How does Christ’s selfless sacrifice move you to think of yourself less to think of others more? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in living generously for others through your local church? 

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