October 27-November 18

Jesus makes this pointed statement to His followers in John 15, that apart from Him, we can do nothing. Jesus could not have been more blunt in explaining the reality of how badly we need Him if we truly desire to live the fulfilling life He has promised us. The life that Jesus Christ invites His followers into is one of abundance and adventure. It is a life that is overflowing with love, joy, peace and goodness. Yet, so many people insist on living the Christian life apart from the power of Jesus Christ, and wonder why their walk with God seems so burdensome and weary—dried up and frail. The only way to experience the power of God is to abide in Him. What does it look like to walk in such intimacy with the Lord that your life is overflowing with godliness and power? We are invited to abide in Christ; we are invited to make our home in Him, and when we do, God promises to fill us with His Spirit and direct us towards His satisfying, abundant plan for our lives. Join us as we begin this series that will teach we can Abide.

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