2nd Wednesday – January Questions


  1. What is the most radical thing you would do for the person you love the most?

  2. How would you hope that person would respond? How do you think that person would respond?

  3. Read Romans 6:5-7. When looking at your own life, do you believe that you have truly been set free from sin? Why or why not?

  4. Read Romans 6:12-14. Paul says that sin tries to get you to obey its passions but that we must turn to God as “instruments for righteousness.” What are some action steps that you can take to “present yourself to God” and turn away from sin?


  • Read Romans 7:14-20. What kind of sin do you find yourself doing over and over again even if you know you don’t want to do it?

  • Read Romans 7:21-25. How can we best help you make war with your sin? How can you guard yourself?