September Family Devotional

Every month we will be sending out a postcard to all of the parents with the topic discussed at Pursuit along with activities and a devotion that we want to challenge you to sit down and go through with your student at some point in time this month. 

Use these questions to have a conversation with your child this month:

1. When you look at all that happens in the world around you, why is it easy to assume that everything is random, chaotic or meaningless?
2. If everything that happens is just random, what would that mean for the purpose of our lives?
3. The Bible teaches us that all of history is the unfolding of God’s story, that there is a purpose and a plan to everything. We learned this month that the story of God can be told with four words: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration. What are each of these parts of God’s story? 
4. Read Luke 24:27. What did Jesus explain to his disciples in this verse? In what way is Jesus the thread that connects all of history?  
5. When you begin to understand God’s story, how does it help you understand your purpose in life?
6. What are some examples of brokenness you see in the world during your week? What is one way you can help to restore something that is broken?