Summer • Part 1 - DeLand

1.  Sometimes life can feel like a frantic juggling act, trying to keep everything up in the air with more flying at you every minute.  In your experience, what are those things that keep you juggling?

2.  How can all these responsibilities and decisions lead you to worry and feel overwhelmed?

3.  Read Matthew 6:25-34.  Jesus points out that worry can be caused by trying to carry a burden you were never meant to carry. Instead, He encourages us to trust that He is powerful enough to handle it.  When you think about your worries, what are some of the burdens you are tempted to carry on your own? How does the reminder that God is the one who is powerful enough to carry it change how you handle that area of life?

4.  Read Matthew 6:26 & 6:28-30 again.  Jesus reminds us that worry can be rooted in doubting God’s love for you.  You may realize He is powerful enough to handle something, but you doubt that He wants what is best for you.  What causes you to doubt that you are valuable to God?  If you rested in the truth that God loves you and cares about all of your needs, how would this change your worry or anxiety?

5.  Read Philippians 4:6-7.  What are some common places people turn to with their worries or anxiety?  How can these places lead to destructive patterns in life?

6.  This passage teaches us that there is nothing big enough to worry over and that there is nothing too small to bring to God.  What does it look like for you to take everything to God instead of turning to other places? How can someone put this into practice in their life?

7.  In light of these passages, what area of your life are you trying to carry on your own?  Where are you turning instead of to God?  Commit to handing this worry over to God and pray for one another to continually rest in His power and love.

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