7 • Part 2

1. What is one takeaway you had from the sermon this weekend?

2. Read John 4:46-54. What did the official do in response to the words of Jesus? What keeps us from responding in the same way in our lives? Why is it difficult to act in faith when we haven’t seen the results yet?

3. As we read this story, what do we learn about the progression and growth of the official’s faith? What moments or circumstances did God use to grow his faith, step by step?

4. In your own life, have you experienced moments when you believed in Jesus again and again, in deeper ways? What did God use to bring about those moments for you?

5. “Let us therefore know that, whenever the Lord offers his benefits to us, his power will always be ready to accomplish whatever he promises, provided that the door be not shut against him by our unbelief.” —John Calvin | What are some ways we can strengthen our faith and continue to believe, even when our circumstances are not changing?

6. How can we best manage the tension between asking and continuing to seek after a miracle from God, with the potential reality that He will not give us what we ask for? In other words, how can we continue to ask for something we know He might not give us?

7. If these miracles are signs that point to a greater truth, what do you think this miracle seen in John 4:46-54 points to, and what impact does that have on your pursuit of God?

8. What is one way we can be praying for you this week?

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