40 Days 2019 – Live Alive • Part 6

Passion is a belief in something so valuable, so worthy that it drives you to action. Passion is what keeps you going when everything yells, “Give up!” It drives you when you feel you are not good enough or capable enough.  Passion is what motivates you to sacrifice everything of value to gain what you value most.  Jesus died and rose again to ignite within you a passion to live alive in Him.  He wants your passions, not your morality or effort.  Until Jesus is enough for you, no person or thing will ever be.

1. How are you doing with the memory verses?  How many verses can your group quote?

2. This week, we are talking about passion. What has God been teaching you about being passionate?

3. Share a time in your life when you lost your passion for something that you were once incredibly passionate about.

4. Read Revelation 2:2-3. Why do you follow Christ? Are you trying to live better for Christ instead of living alive to all that Christ has achieved for you?

5. Read Revelation 2:4. Pastor James said that passion has to be personal. When your aim becomes living better for Christ instead of living alive in Christ, you will lose your passion. What are some of the things we allow in our lives that weigh us down or distract us from passionately pursuing Christ, perhaps even in a spiritual routine in your life?

6. Praise fuels your passion. Can you recall events in your life when you have found this to be true? How has that impacted your relationship with Christ? How do you keep your passion alive as you are committed to following Christ?

7. What is the danger of losing your first love for Jesus? What is your default discipline for trying to pursue Christ when you’re not feeling passionate?

8. Can you name a time when you did not feel passionate about following Christ but you pressed in and you pursued Him anyway, and as a result, your passion was reignited?

9. How can we as a group help you regain that passion?

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