40 Days 2019 – Live Alive • Part 4

Most people never realize the potential God has placed in them and the abundance He wants them to live in. Through your faith in Christ, God has put within you the capacity to live an extraordinary life, a life that is full of joy, peace, hope and goodness. A life that is lived for a purpose, a life that will make an impact here on Earth and for all eternity.

1. Have someone from your group quote the memory verse from last week.

2. What has God been teaching you this week as we continue to press in for these 40 Days?

3. Have someone re-read the opening paragraph. If that is true, why do so many people live but never live in the abundance that God desires for them?

4. Read Mark 14:1-8. Mary saw something completely different in her giving to Jesus. The disciples could not see it so they said it was worthless. But Jesus looks at it and says it’s beautiful. What did Mary see that the disciples did not?

5. Read Mark 14:9. Jesus is saying that God is about to do something supernatural with Mary's gift and it will be celebrated throughout all the world for all time. Mary gave perfume, but God is using it to bring the hope of the gospel to the world. What do we do at the Journey that you are excited to give towards?

6. Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-7. Jesus invites you to embrace irrational generosity, not because He needs anything from you but because He wants incredible things for you. Share a time when God challenged you to give generously when “common sense” told you it was crazy. How did you experience incredible things from God as a result?

7. Abundance is not what you keep but what God does through what you give. What are you holding on to that God wants to use?

8. If you wonder what God is doing, then give to the wonder of what God is doing. Christ takes what you give and transforms it into something that only He can give. Discuss what this means in our everyday walk.

9. Opportunities are there, but sometimes are clouded because of the lens we are looking through. Mary is doing what she’s doing because she’s living in the abundance of all that Christ has given her. You live out what you live in. Share with your group about how God has moved in and blessed your life.

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