Get Out of Your Way • Part 5

What does it look like to live in fullness, to live in the greater things God has for you, to walk in the destiny and flourishing that God wants for you? To tap into your God-given potential, to fulfill your God-ordained destiny you have to become intentional. No one drifts into destiny. How do you stop the drift to step into your destiny?

1. Read Joshua 24:1-15. Joshua knew that one of the greatest dangers is not blowing it big, but drifting from what is important. It’s easy to live with great intentions but never seize the opportunities God has given us to go forward. Can you think of a time where an opportunity passed you by because you were distracted? Explain.

2. If the only thing stopping God from leading you is you, then what are some ways you can get out of your way? How do you stop the drift and position yourself to receive all that God wants to give us?

3. Fighting little battles can soak up a lot of our time and energy. It can keep us from looking ahead and doing what we need to do in order to follow where God wants to lead us. Many times the enemy will draw us into a fight that has nothing to do with our destiny and purpose because he knows he can distract us. What little battles in your life have stolen your time and energy?

4. Read Joshua 24:14. “Throw away the gods your ancestors worshiped beyond the Euphrates Rover and in Egypt, and serve the Lord.” Are there some things you need to let go of from your past that   are holding you back? A season in your life, an abuse, a wasted opportunity, a hurt, etc? Discuss.

5. God has greater things in front of you than what is behind you. Set your focus forward and go in the direction God leads. What Joshua realized is that God wants to connect with you in the crowded places of your life—not just in the moments when things slow down—but in the distraction. What are some ways you can press forward into what God wants you to do during the crowded places of your life?

6. What’s distracting you from going forward because you won’t let it go?

7. What part of the weekend message was a blessing to you?

In your small group time, ask the 3 questions that confront drift in our lives.

1. What are you fighting that is worth the fight?

2. What are you holding onto that’s holding you back?

3. What’s distracting you from going forward because you won’t let it go?

4. How can we as a group help each other to stop drifting and step into the destiny God has for you?

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