Prayerology • Part 2

One of the most difficult places to live is between what God has done in the past and what you are leaning forward towards, praying for God to do in the future. When we find ourselves in this place, we look to what we don’t have and what seems to be missing. Our focus goes to our frustration, instead of God’s faithfulness. How do we get victory in these times?

1.      Read 1 Kings:18:1, 41-45.

2.      Prayer is a process. What does this look like to you? What did you learn about God during the process you went through?

3.      Share a time when you were too impatient to work through the process or when you tried to do something without seeking God about it. What was the result?

4.      Have you had a time when you weren’t sure God was going to come through for you? After reading this passage in 1 Kings, how has your mind been changed about trusting God to work “it” out?

5.      Why do we have such a hard time believing that God provides? What are you believing God for right now?

6.      What dreams, miracles or promises have you given up believing they would ever come to pass? How can you cultivate your faith to believe God once again?

7.      How can you prepare to claim and receive the promise you are seeking? What resources can you grab hold of in preparation to receive the promise?

8.      Are you praying with expectancy, to see what God will do? What keeps you from believing Him and that He has only good things for you?

9.      Will you have the patience to keep knocking with confidence that He will do it?

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