Prayerology • Part 1

We know prayer is a good thing and want to pray, to see God move, but we just aren’t sure how it works. We keep trying it, but it seems at times our prayers bounce off the ceiling. The book of Daniel shows us how he prayed when faced against insurmountable odds and the insights he had about prayer.

1. What was your biggest takeaway from this weekend’s message?

2. What was the first prayer you remember from childhood? Does it seem silly now or do you wish you had that childlike faith again?

3. Read Daniel 6:10. When you pray, how do you approach God? That is, do you begin with praise or with your list of what you desire God to do?

4. Share with your group two things you can praise God for.

5. Read Daniel 6:11. How did Daniel lean forward into God and show his total reliance upon Him? How can we follow his example?

6. Read Daniel 6:12. How does this verse challenge you?

7. Read Daniel 6:18-23. Share an experience when a non-believing friend observed your relationship with God and how they were affected.

8. How did Pastor James’ illustration with the rope help to clarify how not to approach God in prayer?

9. Sometimes our conversation with God becomes one sided, with us doing all the talking. We know it is important to listen to God. Why do you think we often don’t? What can you do to practically train your heart to listen to what God has to say?

10. Share a time when you did tune into Him and how that affected your life.

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