Psalms • Part 1

1.    What excites you most about focusing on the Book of Psalms this summer as a church?

2.    Read Psalm 1 and Psalm 2. In the sermon this weekend, we learned that the Book of Psalms is largely about the coming Messiah. List the places in these first two Psalms in which the Messiah is mentioned.

3.    What aspects of the character of Jesus Christ are most helpful to you: His grace, His mercy, His righteousness, His justice, His anger, His compassion? Which speaks to you most?

4.    Read Psalm 2:11. Do you tend to focus more on the fear of the Lord or the joy of the Lord?

5.    How is it possible to fear the Lord and rejoice in Him at the same time?

6.    Read Psalm 2:12. The Psalm ends with the call to put our trust in the Son of God. In what areas of your life is God calling you to trust Him? How can we help you make progress this week?

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