Called To Be • Part 5

Our perception of our potential often involves evaluating our abilities. But if we constantly struggle and focus on that, we’ll think we aren’t good enough or qualified enough and wonder how God could ever use us. We know He wants to use us but we can’t get past what we perceive is our lack. Peter’s letter will give us a roadmap on how to be used to our greatest potential.

1.  Read 1 Peter 4:1-11. What is your biggest obstacle to thinking that God wants to do great things through you?

2.  Most people do not live in the fullness of the potential that God wants for them, not because of disobedience but by every day distractions. How is this true in your own life? What are some of the distractions you struggle with?

3.  Peter says, “the end is near.” How does this statement make you more sober and aware of the limited opportunities you have?

4.  God does not look at your ability but focuses on your willingness to live for His purposes. Potential is not dependent on you, but on what God can do through you. How does this free you to take a step to be used by God?

5.  God wants to work through you, right now, with what you have. How can you use what you currently have (in your relationships, job, finances, etc.) to serve God’s purposes for you?

6.  Take some time to pray for the next generation, that God would allow the Journey to help them take a step to follow Christ. And pray how God might want to use you to bring change to them.

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