Greater • Part 3

What keeps us from getting in on the greater is that we don’t believe that God can do greater things through us. We believe that we don’t have enough time or resources or energy or ability. How can we change our mindset to realize that God can work through us with His ability as long as we are willing to let Him?

1. What statement or statements from the weekend’s message impacted you when you heard it?

2. Read 1 Kings 17:1–18. When have you felt that your resources just weren’t enough to perform the task in front of you? What did you do?

3. Most of us realize that God is all powerful and capable to do anything. But when faced with a seemingly impossible situation, we start to doubt if He really can. Share a time when this was a reality for you. Were you able to overcome your fears?

4. God will use your limitations to show you He Has no limits. When did you see this played out in your life, that after surrendering to Him, He did a wonderful thing through you?

5. What does it look like in your day-to-day life to make God your priority?

6. Share with your group an area you have sensed God is calling you to do but you focused on your inabilities rather than God’s ability.

7. Be on the lookout this week for where God will lead you to display His ability in blessing someone.

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