Greater • Part 2

We want God to stretch our faith and challenge us to go forward into 2019, to see the Greater things He wants to accomplish through us at the Journey. On the weekend of December 16, we’ll join together as this series will culminate in a special Greater offering dedicated to the expansion of our church. Are you ready to get into the Greater things God has for us?

1. Read John 6:1-7. Describe when you saw an opportunity to do something really significant but the obstacles seemed too great to overcome? Share what you did or didn’t do.

2. Read John 6:8-9. Why is it so difficult to trust God, to think He can actually accomplish something greater than you?

3. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all wrote about Jesus’ life. Other than Jesus’ resurrection, this act of Him “feeding the 5,000” is the only miracle that all four writers include. What would have been your reaction to His command to feed the people? What about this event is so critical? What do you think His reason was for requiring His followers to do what seemed impossible?

4. Read Matthew 14:15-19. What did you think about the statement, “You get into the greater things of God when you move from “for me” to “through me”? Is this a difficult concept for you to embrace?

5. What would it take for you to show faith and trust by giving God even the little that you do have? Why does God sometimes ask us to give sacrificially — in a way that feels like it’s more than we can give?

6. What’s something that currently seems like an inconvenient obstacle in your life that you want to send away, but God wants to use it for greater opportunity?

7. God provides great things for you so that He can do greater things through you. How does this challenge you? How can you trust God and allow Him to stretch you so He can work through you to help someone?

8. God wants everyone helping someone take steps to follow Christ. How can you trust God and allow Him to stretch you so He can work through you to help someone?

9. Encourage and pray for each other as we close out the year by taking up the Greater offering on December 16, to get us ready for the Greater things God has for us at the Journey in 2019.

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