Pick Your Flix • Part 4

Tearjerker :: Matthew 25:14-30

There is nothing more tragic and causes us more hurt, pain and frustration than lost opportunities. Perhaps you have had the “would of, could of, should of” tape playing in your head. In Matthew 25, Jesus actually shares a story of lost opportunity.

Large Group

  1. Describe a small choice that you made in the past that made a BIG difference later on. In retrospect, would you have made a different choice if you had known the outcome?
  2. Read Matthew 25:14-18. It’s not about what you have, but what you do with what you have that matters to God. What are the things that keep you from acting on the opportunities that God has placed in your path?
  3. A few weeks ago we learned that God has given every one of His followers gifts and abilities to complete the task He has called them to do. How do you see your gifts as instrumental in acting on the opportunities He has put before you?
  4. Read Matthew 25:20-23. Many of us struggle with the fear that we aren’t up for the task God has placed in our life. But the opportunities He gives us also give us opportunities to fully trust Him. How can we safeguard ourselves from letting the fear of our inabilities overpower trust in His abilities?
  5. Read Matthew 25:24-30. The challenge wasn’t that he did anything bad but that he did nothing at all. Jesus was not concerned with what they had but what they did with what they had. How can you faithfully seize the opportunity in every situation?
  6. What practical steps can you take this week to invest in what is essential?

Small Group

  1. A natural assumption is that bad actions bring on condemnation. But the servant with one talent was condemned because he did not take advantage of the opportunity he was given. Discuss a missed opportunity that you regret to this day.
  2. Reflecting on #1, what was your biggest fear that stopped you from obeying God’s direction to you in that opportunity? Have you overcome that fear? Pray for each other if fear is still paralyzing you from moving forward.