Church is a Verb • Part 5

God has placed in each of us a longing for meaning. It’s a desire to not only know what to do, but to actually do it. Deep in our hearts is a desire to know why we are here, why we were created.

Large Group

  1. Read Matthew 28:18-20. Your calling reveals what God wants to do through you to make a difference around you. How does this scripture clarify our purpose as followers of Jesus? What are the ways that you can implement this into your life right now?
  2. It’s easy to get consumed on what you do that you forget why you do it. What happens if all you do is focus on what you have to do each day instead of why you are doing it?
  3. Your calling in life is defined by the question of why. What do you think of when you hear that God has a calling for your life?
  4. Think over the past week and your everyday activities. If you had the mindset that God was calling you to make a difference in each of those activities, how could you have viewed them or approached them differently?
  5. God’s calling was never intended to be divided into the “sacred” and the “secular.” Yet, many still believe that it’s the preacher’s or elder’s job to do the work of the ministry. How has your view changed after hearing this message?
  6. Read Ephesians 2:10. You have a unique purpose. Only you can accomplish God’s plan for your life. What has God called you to do? Where has He placed you to do His work? Are there areas of your life that need to feel a greater impact for His kingdom?

Small Group

  1. Does it amaze you that God’s desire is to equip you and use you to accomplish His work here on Earth? Have you felt you are inadequate or unworthy to be used by Him? Do you now see things differently since hearing this message? Share with your small group.
  2. God has equipped every one of His followers with spiritual gifts to accomplish His work in you and through you. What gifts has He equipped you with? What are some practical ways you can use your gifts and talents for God’s honor and glory? Share a time when God used you with the spiritual gift He placed within you.