Centered • Part 6

We were all created to run after the purposes that God has for us, but in life, there’s a time for running and a time for resting. It’s finding the rhythm of rest that allows us to keep running in the right direction.  Many times, we just run and we forget what we are actually running after. We run without realizing that we need to rest. It’s in all the running that our lives get off-course and off-centered. Rest allows us to recalibrate our minds on what is really important, and what God desires for us to do.

1.     What does it look like when your life is at capacity? How often do you feel like you’re in survival mode rather than being intentional about how you spend your time?

2.     What does resting look like for you? How does that help you refocus on what’s important in life?

3.     Read Deuteronomy 5:12-14. Why do you think God commanded His people to take the time to rest? How do you see the need for this in our modern culture?

4.     How does fear play a role in keeping us too busy to rest? Whether it’s a fear of being “left out,” “left behind” or “left undone,” how do you see fear keep you from being centered on God’s Word?

5.     In Deuteronomy 5:15, we are called to remember what God has done for us. How does taking the time to remember the ways that God has delivered us in the past give us the trust we need to rest in Him?

6.     Why do we find it easier to trust God in the situations where we can’t see a path forward, more so than in situations where we think we’ve got it handled?

7.     What does resting look like practically for you this week? Can you think of one way that you are going to be intentional about trusting God enough to rest in Him?

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