Day 5 of 7 • WE Greater Than ME – Joy Producing Generosity

Jesus is Enough

Read Matthew 6:19-24

One of my favorite TV shows is called, “Shark Tank.” The premise of the show is that entrepreneurs come into a meeting with five investors and pitch their product in hopes that at least one investor will buy into their company. If you were to watch the show, you’d realize quickly that the investors only care about one thing: making more money. They don’t care about the entrepreneur. Even though they already have hundreds of millions of dollars, they are not satisfied and they want more money. 

These investor sharks are not the only ones caught up in the pursuit of more. We all struggle with the desire to drink from the well of wealth and prosperity. We struggle thinking what we need is a raise or a new job with greater pay, constantly going back to a well that runs dry and never satisfies. The problem is not about having or making enough; the problem is failing to see Jesus as enough.

Jesus declared that we cannot serve two masters. When I find myself in a place where Jesus is not enough and I am living in discontentment because I'm pursuing my selfish desire for more, the remedy to change my thinking is thankfulness. Nothing declares that Jesus is enough for us like gratitude. How grateful would you say you are for who God is and what He has done in your life?

When was the last time you stopped to thank God for the blessings He has put in your life? My wife and I try to start our prayers each day by listing five things that we are thankful for. I cannot tell you how this simple discipline has impacted my thinking and allowed me to start my day rejoicing in the reality that Jesus is enough. Realizing just how blessed I am moves me to be generous because I now understand that I've been blessed in order to be a blessing to others. We fail to see this beautiful reality when thankfulness doesn’t ooze from our lives daily.  

Questions for reflection – What are 5 things that you are thankful for today? What can you do daily to help keep you in a posture of gratitude before the Lord?

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