Day 2 of 7 • WE Greater Than ME – Joy Producing Generosity

This is not Your Home

Read Matthew 6:19-21

I see it all the time—too many people fall in love with the things of this world, not realizing that these earthly possessions will choke-out their relationship with the Lord. Jesus makes it clear to us: What you treasure reveals who you love. It's easy to claim that we love Jesus Christ, but do our lives really reflect that statement?

Don’t we all struggle with treasuring things in this world? New clothes, new car, new house, new boat, new kitchen, new furniture, new purse, new fishing gear etc. The desire to acquire the highest amount of toys runs rampant within all of us. Could this be why so many of us live with the feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction?

Jesus has a better way for us to live. He invites us NOT to store up treasure in this life, but to store up or invest in, treasure in heaven. Let’s be clear: Jesus is NOT lacking funds or finances. He is always after your heart. Yet, the biggest obstacle to our heart is a love for money and possessions. We are far too easily pleased with the things of this world that simply never satisfy.

So how do we do this? How do we store up treasure in heaven? The avenue for us to leverage our lives for eternity is the local church, the Bride of Christ. It is through our giving at a local body that we begin to store up treasure for ourselves in heaven. As we treasure God’s Kingdom and redemptive plan and mission of the church, we declare WHO it is we really love—Jesus.

Question for reflection – If you performed an audit of the way you spend your resources, would it reflect that you love Jesus and His mission?

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