Inside Out

October 6–November 3

Let’s face it, the world around us is changing. The bubble that we used to live in has burst and we are vulnerable and we can feel it. Luckily, we aren’t the first people of God to feel this way. Not only do we have brothers and sisters around the world facing great persecution, but God also gave us an example in the Scriptures. In the book of Daniel, we see a man dragged from the comforts of his home land as a POW and placed as servant into the pagan kingdom that ransacked their people. We ask questions like: What did he do? How did he survive? But the real question we should ask is “how did he thrive?” In the face of adversity, will we cower in fear or face the roar with great confidence? Join us in our new series as we learn that our influence and ability to stand in adversity starts from the InsideOut.

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