How To Ruin Your Life

September 8-October 21

There are countless books out there telling us how to make our lives great or how to follow these 10 easy steps to the life we’ve been dreaming of. Instead, what if there was a guide detailing exactly how to do the opposite? What type of invaluable insight do you think you would find in this one book? This book could have the potential to offer a futuristic look at choices we make and where they take us. It could shed some light on how our impatience and selfishness can put us on the opposite side of greatness. It would be like having our very own map of what not to do if we want joy, peace and satisfaction in our lives. God has given us a perfect example, of this map, in the life of Saul. And we want you to join us as we uncover exactly how to ruin your life.

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