It's About To Get Real

April 21–May 6

We all know the feeling, the feeling we get when we are smack dab in the middle of a messy situation. When it’s nearly impossible to hold our tongues, keep our cool or muster an artificial smile for one more second. These feelings are waiting for us right below the surface of an unacknowledged hurt, a heated conversation or a situation that seems to have zero chance of resolution. And, it’s at this moment, when we are pushed to the edge, that we have to face it, stand up to the tension, get messy and meet the conflict head on. But, we don’t want to simply charge in with harsh words and demands; we want to get to the bottom of the issue. Because, ultimately, what we are really looking for, is peace and harmony in our relationships. If you’ve ever been there or felt like this, make sure to join us for our new relationship series as we dive head first into the mess and find out how to handle life when It’s About to Get Real.

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