Worth It

October 21–November 5

Over the past year God has challenged us, as the Journey, to step up in some big ways because he wanted to show up and do immeasurably more through us. Stepping up has been fun and amazing but other times it was down right tough. Through these ups and downs, we ultimately come away celebrating, not because of our strength or accomplishments, but because of God’s goodness. As we look back and see the faithfulness of our God, it is then that we can say, it was worth it. Join us the weekend of October 21, as we take time to stop and praise our Lord for all that He has done over the past 12 months. Along with that, we want to fix our eyes on the year ahead because the BEST is YET to come. We have some exciting details about our future Journey campuses to share with you during this series, so make sure you are here as we declare together that He is worth it.

7 Day Devotional • WE>ME – Joy Producing Generosity

*Day 2-7 will show up as we progress through the 7 days.

Stepping Up

God is moving at the Journey, but He’s not done! He is using our church to reach the lost and care for the hurting right where they are. Though we haven’t yet begun to see all God has planned, now is the time to move forward and reach more people than we could ever imagine. We can do it, but it will take you saying, “I’m stepping up!”

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