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Marriage Dashboard

The Marriage Dashboard is designed to give you a set of gauges for evaluating and strengthening your relationship with your spouse. We want you to have an enjoyable, lasting and inspirational marriage. We believe couples who say “I do” to each of these five gauges will experience marriages that are better, richer and healthier than average.

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What does it mean to be prepared to worship?
I wonder and dream often about what would happen within the church if the people of God came ready (prepared) to worship our God each week as a family. 

I was reading this morning in Exodus 19 about the people of God meeting with God to get His instructions (the 10 commandments). The level of preparation that went into this corporate gathering between God and His people struck me. The LORD commanded Moses to have the people "consecrate themselves" for 3 days to gear up for this encounter with Himself. 3 days. 72 hours of preparation. Think about that.

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