Celebrating Sundays This Summer

Sundays This Summer was a step forward for our Sanford campus, with more people finding a place to worship God and connect with each other. From June 19 through September 4, we wanted to give anyone, no matter when they normally attended, a chance to worship, then have fun together. Instead of our normal two services at 9 and 11 am, we did something special and moved to one service at 10 am. We wanted this summer to be a time we grew deeper in community and connection. One service was the way to do it.

"We really became a spiritual family this summer," said Jason Wilson, the Journey Sanford Campus Pastor. "I saw kids playing together, and strangers become friends. Our goal was to foster a family relationship with food and games. I think it worked."

The Journey cares about connection and we're not afraid to make changes that help our families experience true community. This most recent summer has been a chance to see friendships being formed and families growing together in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. It's been a summer that has focused on what is most valuable to God—people. The joy of seeing people connect more deeply has convinced us that one Sanford campus service at 10 am is the best way to develop fully devoted Christ followers progressing on the Road of Faith. So, for now we will continue to have one incredible service in Sanford and trust God to show us His plan for the future.