Review: 2C Challenge

During the month of July, the Journey focused on it's 2C Ministry and encouraged everyone to take a specific step each week to reach the local community. 2C stands for Compassion and Care—two ways the Journey is showing the love of Christ and changing lives each week of the year.

The 2C Challenge began in conjunction with the launch of a new sermon series, "It's Not Like That," in which Christian attitudes and actions were viewed under the lens of Scripture. Each week of the 2C Challenge corresponded to the week's sermon and provided a clear and easy way for anyone to help in meeting the needs of the Orange City and Sanford communities.

The Journey family responded with an outpouring of support for 2C's outreach ministries. The Journey doubled the number of last year's Christmas in July donations for Giving Joy, which helps to provide for families who struggle to afford Christmas gifts for their children. Over 50 volunteers—the largest number ever in one weekend—signed up to reach out to the elderly in the community and show the love of Christ by being a part of our Blessed Assurance ministry. The Bridge Food Pantry and Mobile Ministry also gained new volunteers to give needed support to those who need help moving toward a more secure future.

Though the Journey focused on its unique ministries, there was still time to help the local community. Members and visitors alike, waited in long lines to donate blood in OneBlood's Big Red Bus on each campus.

This July, the Journey did not take a break from its call to help the hurting. Instead it focused on how it could help lighten the weight others carry. It is the reason the Journey exists, no matter the time of year.