2C – Hurricane Matthew

Our community has come to know when there is a time of trouble, we are there for them. Instead of taking away the help, we just changed the focus." This is how 2C Director Cindy Tocci described the Journey's efforts to provide relief to those effected by Hurricane Matthew instead of canceling the previously scheduled 2C Fall Community Project. The community project is designed to show our neighbors how the Journey wants to make an impact in their neighborhood and their lives. What better way to show the love of Christ than to offer relief after a hurricane has passed.

The Journey's 2C Ministry provided clean up of debris, food supplies to the area homeless, and helped secure homes that had been damaged by the storm. 2C is short for compassion and care. Both were found in the unrestrained way 2C volunteers moved forward to help anyone with a physical need brought on by the storm. What impressed Cindy Tocci was that it seemed every time she turned to look for a way to help, she saw others of her team taking initiative to aid someone who was struggling. She clearly saw a team unwilling to wait to be told how they could help. "2C saw needs in their own community and took action. They didn't need an event scheduled to go and help someone," she said with a curling smile.

Difficulties will challenge everyone, but difficulties bring a sovereign opportunity as well. In the case of the Journey's 2C Ministry, the hurricane was more than a clean up effort. Tocci again shares the lesson that 2C volunteers took part in. "They all shared the love of Christ. The volunteers have an opportunity each day to make a difference. Helping can be a way of life.

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