Hurricane Matthew – How You Can Help

Hurricane Matthew was one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit this area in recent years. The storm's fierce winds and pelting rains hammered the nation of Haiti and then moved on to damage our area of Central Florida. Many of you have asked how you can help bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Matthew, both in Haiti and in our local communities. We want to give you an update and an opportunity to help.

First, our partnered churches in Haiti: Thank God they all survived without huge devastation to their structures. They have had immense difficulty with families in their congregations, but they are still standing strong and even more determined than ever to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to those hurting in their towns, region and ultimately their nation. We want to support that mission. That is the reason the Journey is doing all it can to supply aid, plant more churches, and support ministry development, so that sustainable ministry can continue strong in the nation of Haiti. We want to provide the resources needed to all of our partnered churches, so they can minister each day of the year, even after this current natural disaster has passed.

Second, our local communities: We are thankful that our communities were spared the full fury of Hurricane Matthew. Although we received a glancing blow from the storm, there was still severe damage to some areas and debris to clean up everywhere. Our 2C Ministry did not hesitate to reach out to those in need of help. Crews were mobilized to show our communities the love of Christ in very practical ways through food assistance, clean up, and emergency supplies such as tarps for shelter, blankets and hygiene kits. 2C is a powerful expression of how we will continue to provide emergency aid in times of crisis and continue to help to those who hurt the most in our surrounding communities.

God, in His sovereignty, knew we would be beginning our Stepping Up initiative just as a devastating Hurricane was forming. We had prepared to offer more help in the future to Haiti and our 2C Ministry, but because of the storm we are going to begin utilizing any Stepping Up donations to help with needs now. If you would like to help make a difference now and in the future, you can simply write "Stepping Up" in the memo line of your contribution. Our goal is to increase our continued, year-round support of our partnered churches in Haiti and our local 2C Ministry. Please consider helping in a way that will make a long-term impact possible and transform lives for eternity.

Thank you!