Inside Out – Part 2

“Why?” is probably the most prominent question that comes into our minds when we’re confronted with adversity. Why is this happening? Why is the world the way it is? Why, when I’m praying for God to do something, it seems like He does the opposite? Why? The problem is we don’t have the endurance and the courage to really push in, to discover the answer. We want quick bullet points. But there are no quick bullet points or easy answers to the question, “Why?” It’s deeper than that. We are going to look at the why of adversity. It takes courage to really begin to examine the “why.” If you can begin to have the courage to push in and understand why adversity happens, it opens your life up to walk in the purposes that God has for you and the destiny that God wants you to be a part of.

  1. Do you have a recurring dream?

  2. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the dreams you have?

  3. Can you share a time when you went through a difficult situation only to find out later why God allowed you to go through it?

  4. Pastor James challenged us to seek the purpose in the problem. This is where the question “why” comes in. We can either be angry at God or we can seek His purpose. How important is our heart attitude here?

  5. Read Daniel 2:15. Daniel asked the “why” question. What do you think his motive was in asking this question?

  6. Read Daniel 2:16. What did Daniel know about God that gave him the courage to ask for some time?

  7. Read Daniel 2:17-18. What did Daniel ask his friends to do? How does God want you to respond when you find yourself in a tough situation?

  8. Read Daniel 2:19-23. Daniel is praising God’s power and wisdom. What do these verses reveal about God’s character? What do they reveal about Daniel’s heart?

  9. Read Daniel 2:27-28. God has a plan for every situation. How important is it to acknowledge that God will work through His ability, rather than yours?

  10. Use verses 19-23 as a guide to pray for each other that God would work in your heart in the midst of your situation.

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