7 • Part 5

We are in the book of John, looking at the 7 miraculous signs that Jesus Christ performed. Each of these signs are not just to give us information, but serve as an invitation to trust in Jesus Christ and experience His miraculous power in our lives. If you trust in Jesus, follow Jesus, He will work His miraculous power in every situation of your life. This is why John gives us these signs. Jesus’ priority in each of the signs is to show you a deeper revelation of who He is, not to do what you think He should do. This week we will discuss the way Jesus reveals His miraculous power to you to change your plans.

1.  What stood out to you about this week’s message?

2.  What is it about changes to our plans that we don’t like? Share a time when your plans got changed.

3.  Why do you think God sets things up in your life that you cannot control?

4.  Read John 6:14-20. The point of the storm isn't to prove your faith; it's to reveal His power. The disciples realized that with that kind of power, they could not make Jesus do anything. Why were they afraid of Jesus more than they were afraid of the storm?

5.  God brings you into a storm because He wants your attention. Once you realize that Jesus is in control of all things and that’s what makes Him uncontrollable, how does that change the way you pursue Him?

6.  Jesus just sent the crowd home, but He had more He wanted to show the disciples. So He brought them into the storm.  Many times in your life, when you experience resistance, it is not because God is against you. It’s actually because God wants to reveal something to you. Why is it so important for us to stop relying on ourselves during these times?

7.  In John 6:21, it says, "Then they were willing to take Him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading." This is the point of the miracle. He wants you to let Him into the boat, not so He will do what you want, but because you realize He is in control. How can we find comfort in the idea that God is not following your plan because He has a greater plan?

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