Summer • Part 3 - DeLand

1. The scarcity mentality says there’s not enough for everyone, so you better go get yours. Thinking about faith, family and work, how can you see this mentality being a harmful outlook?

2. What God calls us to, He provides for. Describe a time in your life where God intervened in hopeless circumstances or describe a time where He gave you the strength to talk through it.

3. Why is it so hard for us to rest and trust in the fullness of God’s grace toward us?

4. How do you view the commands in Scripture as they apply to you as a child of the King?

5. Talk about a time when you were trying to earn something from God in your own power. How did you feel in this season and why do you think you felt that way?

6. How can looking at the heroes of our faith in the Bible encourage us in our pursuit of the Lord today?

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