Summer • Part 1 - Sanford

1. Last week was an incredible week at the Journey.  All four Journey locations took part in Compassion Week.  How were you involved in Compassion Week and what impact did your involvement have on you? Share one instance of how you saw God move.

2. Think back to a time when you lost something of value and then found it again.  Share the experience, including the emotion of the situation and how it changed your perspective or patterns of life.

3. Read Luke 15:1-10.  What focuses do these two parables have in common?  What teaching point is Jesus trying to convey?

4. There were two groups of people listening as Jesus taught.  In Luke 15:1, we meet the overtly sinful group.  In Luke 15:2,we meet the self-righteous group.  How do you think these two groups responded differently in their hearts as they heard Jesus teach these two parables?

5. Which one of these two groups do you personally relate to the most?

6. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in terms of your passion to reach people who are far from God?  In other words, how often do you talk with people about spiritual realities?

7. Have you heard any personal stories of radical life-change as people have become followers of Jesus?  If so, briefly mention the story to the group.  What emotions do those stories create inside you?

8. When you consider the fact that God wants to use YOU to help people encounter Jesus Christ as Savior, does that a) strike fear in you, b) make you feel unworthy, c) give you excitement and courage, or d) elicit another kind of reaction?

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