Summer • Part 5 - DeLand

1. This week we talked about the truth that we glorify God the most when we genuinely enjoy Him and delight in Him. How do these two things relate (God being glorified and our enjoyment in Him)?

2. If someone fights to enjoy God, why do you think peace will be present in their life?

3. Read Psalm 16:1-8. From this passage we see a number of ways to fight to enjoy God.

- Run to God for shelter.

- Value Him above everything.

- Turn away from lesser things.

- Rest in His rule over everything.

- Seek out His counsel.

Which of these stuck out to you the most? Why?

 4. What are some of the common things people turn to for shelter when life gets crazy?  In what ways do these “shelters” fall short of God? What will be the result if someone learns to run to Him for shelter instead?

5.  Why is it difficult sometimes for us to trust that God rules over every detail in our lives?  Why was David able to praise God for his circumstances even thought they weren’t always pleasant?

6.  Read Verses 2 and 5 again. What do these verses reveal to us about how David viewed God? When you think about God, what are some things about Him that cause you to delight in Him and enjoy Him?

7.  Right now in your life, which of these five things are you most struggling to live out?  What steps can you take in that area this week?  How can this group pray for you or help you in this?

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