Summer • Part 5 - Orange City

1. What was one takeaway from this Summer series at the Journey?

2. What was one thing that stood out from the sermon this weekend in Orange City?

3. Why is it so hard for us to be “quick to listen and slow to speak”? Read James 3:1-10. What do our hurtful words ultimately indicate about the state of our heart and how can understanding that correlation help us fight against using our words to hurt others?

4. The Bible commands us to die to our self daily (see Luke 9:23 and Ephesians 4:22-24). What does that process of dying to self daily look like for you; how do you go about doing that? How does dying to self daily impact the words that come out of your month and help you to GIVE life to others instead of using your words to take life?

5. Scripture shows us that God knew what He was doing when He gave us the ability to speak. Of the five created purposes behind your words listed below, which one is easiest for you to embrace and live-out and which one is the most difficult. Please elaborate on your answer.

1. To give God praise.

2. To tell others about Jesus.

3. To grow and help others grow closer to God through relationships.

4. To encourage/build others up.

5. To fight sin.

6. When we express gratitude for God He releases faith within us. When life is hard and pressing you, what are some things you can do to help tune your heart toward expressing gratitude? 

7. Describe a time when gratitude to the Lord helped you endure a difficult season in life?

8. What are some changes you can make on your social media in how you leverage your words with other people’s posts and comments as well as your own posts? In other words, how can you speak life to others through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.?


Accountability Questions:

1. How well do you use your words in speaking life to yourself? Honestly, how critical are you of yourself and how can this group help hold you more accountable in speaking life to yourself?

2. Who in your life do you need to go to and apologize to for the damage your words have caused them?

3. Who in your life has hurt you through the carelessness of their words that you need to approach and acknowledge the pain they have caused you and there impact that pain is causing on your relationship?

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