Summer • Part 2 - Orange City

Being joyful can seem like it comes easier to some people than to others. Think about the most joyful people in your life. What are some things those people have in common?

What is a situation you have been in where things weren’t going your way and yet you were still able to experience joy?

We can rejoice when we see the surpassing worth of Jesus. What are some things in your life that stir your affections for Jesus?

What are some strategies you have for when you don’t experience joy in your life?

Which promise about joy was the most surprising to you?

  • Joy is lasting.

  • Joy is satisfying.

  • Joy is ever-present.

  • Joy is spirit-filled.

  • Joy is sacrificial.

  • Joy is intentional.

Which promise about joy is the most helpful to you, and why?

Who has been an influence in your life in regards to seeking out joy in Christ?

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