Summer • Part 1 - Orange City

1.  What was one thing God did in your life this week for which you are thankful?

2.  How were you involved in Compassion Week and what impact did your involvement have on you?

3.  What was your biggest takeaway from this week’s sermon?

4.  What comes to your mind when you think about the cross? Why do you think this is so important for our lives?

5.  READ Isaiah 6:1-8. What does Isaiah’s vision teach you about God’s holiness? What impact does God’s holiness have upon our everyday lives?

6.  What is one attribute of God you struggle to embrace? What is one attribute you are quick to zoom in on above others? How can we help each other keep a balanced view of who our God is as revealed in Scripture?

7.  What is one area in your life where you are struggling to surrender control over to God and how does meditating upon His holiness and redemptive love impact that struggle?

8.  We GO for Him because He came for us. How do these eight verses inspire you to live more mission-minded?

9.  There is nothing more dangerous in the hands of God than a man keenly aware of His need for God. Why, in our lives, does being aware of our sin increase the passion of our pursuit of Christ? Do you agree with the first sentence of this question? If so, what is the greatest danger or threat to you living fully aware of your sin and brokenness?

10.  How can we as a group be praying for each other this week?

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