7 • Part 6

In life, stuff happens. The problem with this is that we want everything to make sense in our lives.  Whether it’s something bad or something great, we want to immediately make the connection to why this happened. Why do we attempt to see the connection between what is happening and why it is happening? In John 9, we see an amazing and helpful answer to this dilemma.

1. What stood out and connected with you in this passage and why?

2. Every blinding situation is an opportunity to see God’s greatness. How is it that we often miss what God is doing by trying to find an explanation?

3. Read John 9:1-34. Prior to this event, God had never healed anyone who was born blind.  If we see and believe that God can do the impossible, why do we doubt His power when we find ourselves in a tough situation?

4. Read John 9:1. Even when you can’t see Him, God sees you. Jesus came to show us what God was really like. How did Jesus reveal the love of the Father to the blind man? How has He revealed His love for you?

5. When we know that something has never been done before, instead of looking and focusing on what could not be done, we need to choose to focus on what God could do. James said that you should do whatever Jesus tells you to do. Why is obedience so important?

6. What practical steps can you take to shift your focus from the bigness of your problem to the bigness of God?

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