7 • Guest Speaker – John Stumbo

1. What was one thing that God taught you this weekend through John Stumbo’s message?

2. Read Psalm 74:1; 9-12; 15-17.We learned that Psalm 74 was written during a time of great crisis. What help can poets and songwriters give to us in times of grief? Do you have any examples from your own experience?

3. There are times in our lives, as in Psalm 74, when God seems distant, inactive or to have forgotten us. The Psalm writer felt this. What did he do in response?

4. The Psalm describes God as being the God of the abundance and drought, day and night, sun and moon, summer and winter. What does God want us to know about Himself through this passage?

5. As Dr. Stumbo shared his story, what part was most impactful for you?

6. Dr. Stumbo admitted that going to church was a very difficult thing for him and his wife (Joanna) during their crisis, saying, “When we need people the most, we’ll be tempted to be with them the least.” Do you agree with this? Have you had this experience?

7. Dr. Stumbo said, “Too much American theology is of the God of the daytime only.” What do you think he meant by that? Do you agree or disagree?

8. What lessons did it seem that John and his wife Joanna learned during their crisis (before the healing occurred)?

9. After not eating or drinking anything for eighteen months, God healed John’s swallow. What did you find surprising about the healing experience? While God never writes the same story twice, what lessons can we learn about God from the Stumbos’ experience?

10. Psalm 23:5 says that the Lord has a bountiful table set for us in the presence of our enemies. Can we trust God today that He has everything we need to live today well, even before He removes the “enemy” that is surrounding us? What provisions do you see that He has available for you right now—even though you may have a still-to-be-answered prayer?

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