7 • Part 4

God wants to do the miraculous in your life. Yet, so many times we live in the mundane. Why? The reason is that we never take the steps of faith that allow us to see God do the impossible. We don’t know what it is like to live by faith in Jesus Christ and live in a miracle mindset. So, when the Apostle John writes about Jesus, he gives us 7 miraculous signs. These signs don’t just give us information; they are an invitation for Jesus to do the impossible in our lives.

  1. What stood out to you in this week’s message?

  2. The only way for your faith to grow, is for it to be stretched. Trusting God with your deficiency allows you to receive His sufficiency. Share a time in your life when God used a situation to stretch your faith.

  3. We never stress out over things that we can control. We stress out over the things that we can’t control. When we are stressed, we expose what we are dependent upon. What do you tend to depend on during times of great stress?

  4. Read John 6:1-13. Note that the disciples are saying, “What we have is not enough and it’s not good enough.” The disciples were aware of their deficiencies. Why is it so difficult for God to stretch our faith when we don’t expose our deficiencies?

  5. Read John 6:9. Jesus never rebukes us for bringing what we have. He gives thanks for it and then He blesses it to do the miraculous. The miracle came through a boy who wasn’t even counted in the multitude, his fish were small and his bread was cheap. Why do we so often hesitate to bring the little that we have and turn it over to God?

  6. Read John 6:26-29. The disciples asked, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answers, “It’s not about doing more; you need to believe.” Why do we often think that we have to do more?

  7. If you think you can handle it, you will never ask God to intervene. When God reveals your deficiencies, He is inviting you to trust Him in the situation. What’s the danger of not trusting God? What’s the danger in blaming God when He reveals your deficiencies?

  8. The lesson embedded in this miracle is really so simple: if you put what you are holding in your hands into His hands, He can make a lot out of a little. The boy comes and says, “I don’t have a lot, but what I have I will give to you, Jesus.” What are the blessings of trusting God with what you consider to be not enough

  9. God says that you can live in His sufficiency or you can continue to live in your deficiency. How can you begin to really trust God to work in all areas of your life?

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