7 • Part 3

1.  The invalid at the pool had been suffering for 38 years waiting for a miracle.  What is an area where you’ve been asking God to move for a long time.

2.  What is one way God has worked in your life that was completely different from the way you expected Him to work?

3.  In what ways are you “sitting at the pool,” making excuses for why God hasn’t done the miraculous in YOUR life?

4.  The way God develops faith is through areas of disappointment. How have you seen this at work in your own life?

5.  What is something in your life that you’ve dedicated so much focus to that you risk missing the One who can bring the change?

6.  Jesus brings us into the text.  He’s not just asking this guy “Do you want to be healed?”  He’s asking us:  Do you want to be made well?  Have you invited Jesus into the areas of your life where you need a miracle?

7.  We get disappointed when we say, “God, I pray you would help me in this way,” and it didn’t happen the way we asked. Jesus comes in those moments and asks us, “Do you trust me?”  What is something you have felt God didn’t deliver initially, but He still brought a change?

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