Easter 2019

In our lives, it’s easy to be discouraged, defeated, overwhelmed, wounded or trapped. We know something is not right, that something stinks but we don’t know what to do. Every one of us have dealt with things that hurt, that are not right, that have left us wounded. It might have been a hurt caused to you, words said to you, an addiction, or the crushing blows of disillusionment. You’re trying to move on but it’s still there. This week, we are going to look at how healing comes through the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1. Take some time to praise God for how you have seen Him move and bless the lives of people around you this past weekend.

2. What stood out to you in this week’s message?

3. Have you ever had a time in your life when something just didn’t seem right but you didn’t know what the solution was?

4. Read John 20:19. Why were the disciples hiding behind locked doors? Why do we tend to hide after we have been wounded?

5. Pastor James said that our wounds have the power to lock us in a prison of fear or isolation or escape. Why do these responses have the power to destroy our lives?

6. Read John 20:24-27. Jesus wanted to show Thomas His scars in order to prove that what once wounded Him did not have the power to destroy Him. What once wounded Thomas no longer had the power to destroy him either. At times, we are all a “Thomas.” Share a time when you have been like Thomas and needed to see in order to believe.

7. Jesus’ scars have the power to heal every wound. As a group, enter into a time of prayer and thank God for healing your wounds, then seek healing for wounds that are holding you captive.

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