40 Days 2019 – Live Alive • Part 3

Life isn’t about arriving at a destination. It’s about what you want your life to look like. At what would you like to be great? Pondering this question sparks an honest evaluation of how effective our lives are, how to have a life worth living, one of greatness.

1.      Have someone quote the memory verse from last week.

2.      What did you want to be when you grew up? 

3.      Read Mark 10:35-45.  How does Jesus' definition of greatness differ from the popular definitions of greatness?

4.      If Jesus desires all of us to live in greatness, why are we so reluctant to pursue His definition of greatness?

5.      Greatness is not determined by what you can do but by what God can do through you. What are some ways you can practically exhibit greatness to those around you?

6.      Think of someone who has had a great and positive impact in your life. What are some of the simple little everyday things they did for you that made such an impact?

7.      The heartbeat of the Journey is seeing everyone helping someone take steps to follow Christ.  What are you doing to help others take steps? 

8.      Take some time to brainstorm in your group: Starting with your Group Leader, share some ways that you plan to invite people to our Easter services?

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