40 Days 2019 – Live Alive • Part 2

This week’s central truth: Jesus taught that fullness of life is found in loving God and loving others. To live alive is to live a life of love. But do we really know what love is? Not hollow, superficial love—but real, unconditional, Christ-centered love. What does love like this look like, and how do we live out this love on a day-to-day basis? As you experience Christ’s love for you, you come alive to love, and it changes everything. Experiencing Christ’s love for you is what enables you to know what love really is and to live alive to love. The only life worth living is a life of love!

1. Have someone in the group quote the memory verse for Week 1.

2. What has God been teaching you over the Week 1 of 40 Days?

3. The only life worth living is a life of love, but what makes this tough is that it’s tough to love people. What’s the most difficult part of loving people?

4. Read John 13:31-35. What makes this command to love a new command?

5. What makes Jesus’ love different?

6. Once Jesus’ love flows to you, it overflows through you. Experiencing the love of Jesus empowers you to love like Jesus. The struggles you have in loving people around you come from an inability to know how greatly you are loved by Jesus. The source of loving others is not found in trying harder to love, but in trusting in Jesus’ love for you. How does this truth free you to start loving differently?

7. The power of God is unleashed through your life as you love like Jesus. Is there anyone who you are struggling to love right now? How could God change that relationship if you loved like Jesus?

8. Pastor James challenged us to ask one question in every situation, “What would love do?” What is keeping you from asking yourself this question in every situation? What are some ways that, as a group, you could encourage each other to ask this question throughout the day?

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