40 Days 2019 – Live Alive • Part 1

Many people live, but very few live fully alive. Jesus came to give us life, not just some future life in heaven, but life right now. He conquered everything we need to become fully alive. As you follow Him, you experience life in complete abundance as it was meant to be lived.

  1. What are you looking forward to as we start 40 Days Live Alive?

  2. What are some things that people follow in life? What do you think they are trying to find?

  3. Read John 10:1-10. To live fully alive is to follow Jesus. What does it mean to follow Jesus?

  4. Read John 10:1-17. What stands out to you most in this text? Why would Jesus refer to Himself as the Good Shepherd?

  5. Jesus has the power to follow through because He goes before you. What does it mean for Jesus to go before you? Have you experienced this? Share with your group.

  6. Jesus went before you to conquer everything you need to live alive. What are you trying to do on your own that Jesus has already conquered for you live alive?

  7. To receive what Jesus achieved for you, you have to follow Him. What is an area of your life where you need to start centering on Christ in order to live alive?

  8. Jesus gives an open invitation to everyone who has messed up and knows they need to change, who feel stuck in their relationship with God or are not where they need to be. If this is you, be open with your group and pray for each other.

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