Seeking the Presence of God

We are approaching a wonderful time as we prepare for 40 Days. There is excitement and expectancy in the air as we seek God more than ever. Prepare for this time by praying for openness to all God wants to show us and for who you can invite to the services.

The greatest joy in life is found as you come into the presence of God. Lean into Him as we discuss how we can live in His presence.

1.      Read James 4:8. What does it mean to you to draw near to God? How does this look in our daily lives?

2.      Have you thought about the difference of God’s omnipresence (He is everywhere at all times, always in His fullness) and His manifest presence (God displaying His glory in real and tangible ways, allowing us to have an experiential encounter)? Discuss your understanding of the difference.

3.      Read Psalm 27:1-10. We don’t obey God to win His approval. We obey because He has already accepted us and longs for us to abide in His presence. Have you had difficulty feeling that God approves of you? How do these verses speak to your heart about this?

4.       Read Psalm 27:11-14. Share a time when you witnessed the goodness of the Lord in your own life.

5.      Waiting is so hard sometimes (well, most of the time!). How do these verses encourage you when the waiting seems to be unending?

6.      Read Psalm 42:1 and 105:4. What are some ways we can pursue God fiercely on a daily basis?

7.      Read Acts 3:19–20. How would our lives change if we were to embrace obedience rather than run from it? Share a time when you were obedient—even though you didn’t feel like it—and what was the outcome.

8.      Read Psalm 95:1-2 and 100:2. What would it look like to worship the Lord passionately? Do you sometimes find yourself just going through the motions during worship? How do these verses encourage us to refocus on the whole purpose of worship?

9.      Take some time as a group and pray for 40 Days and who God would have you invite. Pray daily for the many whose lives are going to be changed and for God to manifest His presence and glory in our midst.

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