Uncovered • Part 2

Remember when love and relationships were easy, like in elementary school? But then it seems the older you get, the more complicated this whole thing of love becomes. We start to learn that it is very easy to fall in love, but really, really hard to stay in love. We see people who are in love, and we want that, but we are not sure how to get that. How do you create a long-lasting, passionate relationship?

1. Was there one statement or concept that impacted you this weekend? Share with your group.

2. Read Philippians 2:1-2. A major cause of disconnect in relationships is unmet expectations. How have you seen this played out in relationships?

3. Showing appreciation to another is powerful; what can you do to be intentional about expressing appreciation?

4. Read Philippians 2:3-8. What changes would make the biggest difference in how you show love to others?

5. What could you do differently that would make the most constructive difference to the relationship?

6. If you are single, what could you do now to best prepare yourself for a long-lasting relationship?

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