Get Out of Your Way • Part 4 – Sanford


  1. For your next birthday, if you could receive any one present that you wanted, costing $10,000 or less, what would it be?

  2. When people think of the “Promised Land” or what a life of blessing might look like, what do you think comes to the average person’s mind?

Read Joshua 7:1-10

  1. In verse 10, Joshua seems to be blaming God for the problem he is facing. Have you ever blamed God for a problem you’ve faced? Why is it that this can often be a typical response for us when we face difficulties?

  2. Do you think people ever minimize the role they play in creating their own problems? Create a hypothetical scenario in which this might happen.

Compare Joshua 8:1-2 with Joshua 6:18-19

  1. Why do you think God told His people not to take the valuable plunder when they attacked Jericho in chapter 6, but then told the people that they could indeed take the plunder when they attacked Ai in chapter 8? Why did He give contradictory instructions?

  2. In your personal life, do you tend to follow God more deeply when you have abundance or when you are in need? Why do you suppose that is?

  3. Sometimes God gives us good things as pointers to His goodness. Other times God removes good things to remind us that those things aren’t the goal. They aren’t important, except to the degree that they point us to Christ. How have you experienced this reality in your life?

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